The New Smoke Generators Have Arrived

The New Smoke Generators Have Arrived

FR 2008 friction smoke generator and S 900 H steam smoke generator market launch
We presented our new smoke generators in public for the first at IFFA 2016, which was a great success for REICH. In the meantime, both machines have gone into serial production and are in operation at a large industrial customer.The initial feedback is consistently positive and confirms that REICH’s engineers have done a good job.


The FR 2008 smoke generator with twin wheels

REICH is regarded as the inventor of the pneumatic pressure system for cut timber for smoke generators. The system, which was patented in 1980, was the blueprint for most smoke generation systems offered in the industry.The expectations are correspondingly high when precisely this inventor presents a new friction smoke generator for industrial applications. An initial prototype of the FR 2008 was presented to a trade audience at IFFA 2016.
Subsequently, this was developed together with several well- known industrial companies from Germany, Austria and Belgium within a very short space of time.
The result of this joint effort is an extremely powerful friction smoke generator which is superior to comparable competitors’ devices in numerous ways. Special mention should be made of the twin stainless steel wheels, over which two pieces of wood 8 x 8 x 100cm in size are rubbed. This results in an almost 30% larger friction surface than in smoke generators which use wood sized 10 x 10 cm and thus a significantly higher volume of smoke. The newly developed revolver wood magazines also have room for eight cut pieces of wood. For the user, this magazine is loaded in semi-automatic mode and has been very ergonomically designed. The wood change during operation takes place fully auto- matically without the operator
needing to do anything.
An efficient cleaning system and friction wheel quenching to minimise wear round off the package.
The FR 2008 is designed for units up to a size of eight trolleys and is operated within the environ- mentally friendly CircoSystem®.

Application examples

Application examples

The S 900 H Steamsmoker

Full steam ahead

Joint developments together with an industry customer always make special but also high demands of all involved. On the one hand, the product can be quickly developed further and optimised due to the continuous return flow of information. On the other, weaknesses in the prototype have to be rectified faster and directly on site.
Precisely this kind of joint project emerged last year at the IFFA: The new steam concept, then still known as S 1000 H, was presented there. A well-known company from German industry was quickly found which entered into a development partnership with REICH. A test device had already been installed by late summer. The subsequent test phase was supervised intensively by REICH technicians and engineers.
All knowledge gained from this immediately flowed back into the ongoing development. The result of these efforts is the new SteamSmoker S 800 H and SteamSmoker S 900 H steam generator generation. The big weakness of the steam generators available on the market has always been the intensive maintenance and care needed. This is precisely where REICH’s new concept picks up. Due to a newly developed self-cleaning smouldering sieve it was possible to lower the replacement intervals from several times a day to a few a week. Ash is transported out fully automatically during operation. Just the spacious and easily accessible ash drawer needs to be emptied. The supply hopper for wood chips has been made very large in order to make refilling intervals
as long as possible.
A fully automatic cleaning system which completely cleans both the reaction and the ash
space rounds off the package.
In order to guarantee a high level of operating safety, the new steam generator was fitted with its own integrated extinguishing system which extinguishes fully automatically in case the smoke generator catches fire. This means that serious damage can be permanently avoided.

The steam generator generation is available in two versions: the SteamSmoker S 800 H plus, which corresponds to the previous REICH S 800 H device, and the SteamSmoker S 900 H with double overheater for twice the volume of smoke. Meanwhile, several S 900 H are reliably in service in German industrial companies.
Numerous other smaller detailed solutions turn REICH steam generators into devices with which it is a pleasure to work every day.

Application examples


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