SPAR Austria trusts REICH

SPAR Austria trusts REICH

REICH becomes a partner to SPAR Austria
The SPAR Austria Group is one of the most important food retailers in Austria. Overall, SPAR Austria operates more than 3,000 stores and employees over 77,000 people in Austria and seven neighbouring countries. In 2016, group sales of Euro 13.8 billion were achieved.

A large variety of products, high quality and sustainability are extremely important to SPAR. In order to supply its own SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR stores with the finest meat and sausage specialities, SPAR operates eight of its own TANN meat factories, in six of which only regional meat with the AMA quality seal from sustainable animal husbandry is processed and refined.

In order to be able to cover the extensive range of industrial meat processing at a high level, SPAR Austria has chosen systems from REICH and since 2017 has been producing with five 4-trolley universal systems of the type AIRMASTER® UK 10000 BHD, which are all steam-heated and fitted with the new innovative industrial friction smoke generator FR 2008.

Another 4-trolley intensive cooling system of model IKK 10000 BND, which is fitted with a boil function, completes the system configuration. With this system portfolio, the typical Austrian boiled sausages such as Frankfurter, Knacker and Krainer sausages are precisely hot-smoked, boiled and then quickly and gently cooled. The result is a crispy and juicy sausage with good bite and optimal yield.

Dark-smoked products such as Traunviertler and Bauernbauch sausages can be elegantly and easily produced with the industrial friction smoke generator FR 2008 and a clever technological process control, and even with strong smoking require only a minimum of cleaning. Of course, all other product groups, such as cooked cured and boiled products can be process optimally.

Naturally, a company like the SPAR Group demands the highest levels of flexibility and efficiency from the systems at its production sites. With its universal, cooking and cooling systems, REICH absolutely meets these requirements.

With high load capacities and short, energy-efficient processes, the universal systems of the REICH AIRMASTER® UK series allow maximum yield with simultaneously consistent product results. A league of its own!