Hygiene station URK
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Hygiene station URK

This hygiene station is designed for the controlled passage of the workforce in and out of the work environment. The URK station combines the functions of hand disinfection and sole cleaning at the entry and sole cleaning at the exit from the work environment. Designed for smaller and middle sized production plants, this station enables the passage, in the entry or exit direction, of up to 150 workers within a 10 minute timeframe. For larger production plants with large workforce traffic flow in both directions, we recommend the use of double lane hygiene stations (HC, HCC, HCD) .


Horizontal sole cleaning brush length 1000 or 1400 mm
Access control and workers time registration system


Vertical brushes for cleaning sides of footwear (height 70mm – shoes or 300mm -boots) – URK/V70 and URK/V300