Genuine innovations are created when apparent facts are questioned and turned upside down. That is precisely the spirit we live by to offer our customers products that keep up with the times and are even one step ahead.
Round instead of square – the square must go into the round!

Square washes have always gone into square washes – does it have to be that way? Not at all! The ingenious tube system of the patented PICOBELLO-LINE not only makes an excellent visual impression. Following the design principle “form follows function”, it offers several advantages:

Largest possible opening for the most accessible accessibility
Simply ingenious and, at the same time, ingeniously simple is the opening of the upper housing by twisting the tube to one side or the other.

Hygienic, too – a round thing
The absence of corners, edges and flat surfaces prevents dirt and bacteria from settling. The round, seamless shape precludes the development of bacteriological foci and facilitates cleaning and maintenance work. That means the wash tanks can be emptied 100 % without leaving water or dirt residues. It saves time and costs and reduces the consumption of cleaning agents compared to conventional continuous washing systems.

EHEDG* design
Round and seamless – easy to clean
Complete emptying of the wash tanks thanks to round shape
Long-term bacteriological cleanliness
No germ transfer to cleaned items to be washed
Optionally, with Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) cleaning for automatic
highly effective internal cleaning
Optional digi4clean package for digital monitoring of the most critical HACCP process parameters provides more excellent process reliability & control of hygienic requirements:

– Deviations from target values can be detected in real-time
– Early detection of increased consumption costs/media
– Early detection of defective parts/wear parts
– Avoidance of failures
– Increased service life of the system

Technical data

Dimensions: Modular design
Connected load: according to system design
Washing capacity: up to 3000 crates per hour
Unique feature: EHEDG* design and tube shape
Options: including CIP cleaning, digi4clean package for digital monitoring

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