Automatic Mixer Grinder MEW 721-B98/E32

ULTRA MONO Automatic Mixer Grinder MADO MEW 721-B98/E32

Автоматический волчок MEW 721-B98/E32

ULTRA MONO Automatic Mixer Grinder
MADO MEW 721-B98/E32


General Product Information

  • Complete with mixing arm, cutting set either 5-pcs. Unger B98 with sickle ring knives, stainless steel disks and 2 spacer rings or cutting set either 2-pcs. Enterprise size 32 SUPERLONGLIFE with knife and 3 mm disk.
  • Processing worm made of stainless steel and POM (plastic).
  • The MEW 721 is optional available with cooling system.
  • The machine is completely made of stainless steel.
  • Is equipped with a central mixing arm with 4 different mixing profiles
  • Complete stainless steel worm on request without extra charge.
  • For difficult applications, a reinforced motor is available.
  • Frozen material can be processed effortlessly.
  • Hygienic, simple cleaning because of optimal cleanability.
  • Is available with separating system for bones and sinews.
  • Output per hour: approx. 1200 kg
  • Hopper volume: 70 litres
  • Machine height (WxDxH): 830 x 1070 x 1150 mm
  • Weight: approx. 325 kg


Pull-out hook for worm

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