Semi-Automatic Hamburger Production Machine CTS-1100

Ražotspēja no 20 līdz 40 gab. / min (atkarīgi no pildītāja darba ātruma un operatora iemaņas).

Semi-Automatic Hamburger Machine



Can be connected to any filler (outside diameter of output 30mm).
Lays cellophane on both sides automatically and cuts it to the same shape as the hamburger.
Produces 108mm round hamburgers or 122 x 90mm oval hamburgers, as ordered.
Rests on its own support-stand or on a usual tabletop, as ordered.
Produces from 20 to 40 hamburgers per minute (depending on filler speed and skill in operating).
Hamburger weight from 60 to 130 grammes (thickness can be adjusted using a screw).
Uses rolls of cellophane.
Does not require electrical power.
Easy to clean.
Measurements 600 x 200 x 450 mm.
Weight 18kg.
Made in stainless steel.

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