MAJA fresh meat slicer FPE 155

MAJA fresh meat slicer FPE 155


MAJA fresh meat slicer FPE 155

MAJA fresh meat slicer FPE 155 – Portion control fresh meat slicer with automatic tray loading and conveying line


Portion-controlled slicing with direct infeed into trays avoids manual insertion.
Hygienic Design all along the line: Portion contact only with feed mould and knife for exemplary product sanitation.
Automation on smallest footprint – line concept from one hand with MAJA conveying line MFL.
Outstanding weight accuracy, consistent slice thickness and perfect quality of the cut.

Since more than 15 years, MAJA has developed, produced and distributed high-quality fresh meat slicing machines and portioning systems, which are used by the meat industry for the production of ready-to-cook and self-service meat products. Thanks to the know-how and the long experience in the field of volumetric slicing, MAJA offers the FPE 155, a multi-functional portioning line.


Portioning of fresh boneless meat cuts, e.g. from pork (neck, rump/hip, topside, silver side, loin), from beef (topside, silver side, top sirloin…) as well as turkey breast. The raw material has a slightly frozen surface with fresh center.

Cutting capacity:

Min. cuts per min.: approx. 20
Max. cuts per min.: approx. 130 (gross)

For optimizing the yield, portioning can be chosen with or without initial trimming piece so that there can be only one trimming per meat cut. Final trimming pieces and if necessary initial trimming pieces, too, can be sorted out on a separate belt..

Weight accuracy & degree of equalization:
The principle of volumetric portion control allows a very high degree of equalization, as requested by producers of self-service and ready-to-cook meat products. Best-possible give away, not only for each portion, but also for the complete package unit!

Quality of the cut:
Consistent slice thickness and optimum quality of the cut thanks to the use of a rotating spiral knife.

Continuous meat infeed: A rotating chamber system allows the continuous infeed of the raw material so that the portioning can take place without interruption. Thus minimum non-productive time.

Change of weight category:

Fast and easy weight changeover, within seconds, by menue display (touchscreen). No manual changeover of tools!

Weight correction:
Individual and highly flexible, during slicing cycles.

Changeover and setup times:
Fast changeover of portioning sets and tray management.

Portioning programs:
Individual portioning programs can be stored and opened again by the operator at any time.

Equipment & features

User identification
User identification by modern RFID-technology (Radio-Frequency-Identification) with different user keys (chip) and security access levels
Modern servo drive technology
Solid construction in hygienic design
– VA stainless steel up to max. 10 mm.
– Joint-free machine display for cleaning up to 24 bar.
– Cleaning water can run off easily from chamfered surfaces thus no residues of water, dirt or cleaning agent.
– No open screw threads.
– All machine parts are made from food safe material.
– All calibration set components can be removed for cleaning.

Trimming management
Automatic selection of the last cut by a separate discharge conveyor belt. Option: Automatic selection of the first cut by a separate discharge conveyor belt.

Automatic loading:
Fully integrated loading system (tray management) of meat portions into trays for production of self-service meat products. Suitable for hard plastic trays. Other trays on demand.

Possible formations:
Number of portions per group can be adjusted according to the tray dimensions.

Tray outlet
Depending on the line configuration, the tray outlet of the FPE 155 can be on the right or on the left side. Thus high flexibility and customer-oriented machine confirguration.

FPE 155 L: tray outlet left

FPE 155 R: tray outlet right

Follow-up process tray management
Tray denester for fully automatic denesting of trays onto the synchronized tray conveyor belt of the MAJA FPE 155. The tray management consists of buffer and denester.

Follow-up process tray transport and matching:
MAJA conveying line MFL, suitable for the use in the meat industry, for tray matching between the MAJA FPE 155, checkweigher and traysealer.

Follow-up process weighing:
High-speed checkweigher for wet production areas for weight control.

MAJA ref. 162-0005
Cutting capacity 20 – 130 cuts/min. (gross)
Width 3787 mm (with belts)
Depth 2050 mm (with belts)
Height 2011 mm (2550 mm with opened cover)
Outlet height +/- 1140 mm
Footprint 5,25 m²
Electrical connection 14 kW
Current consumption max. 21 A
Compressed air (min. 6 bar) 6 – 8 bar
Weight 3100 kg


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