Optimizing Meat Processing with the SD and Beluga®: The Future of Separating Technology

Optimizing Meat Processing with the SD and Beluga®: The Future of Separating Technology

The meat processing industry is constantly evolving, and the need for high-quality separation technology has never been more important. It can be a complex and challenging industry, requiring the use of specialised equipment to separate meat and poultry products from raw materials in an efficient, sanitary, and cost-effective manner.

Provisur, a leading manufacturer of separation equipment, has risen to the challenge with their new SD and Beluga® modular systems. By combining the best technology from their Beehive® and AM2C® brands, Provisur has created a new standard in separating technology.

Provisur's SD and Beluga deboning/desinewing systems

The SD and Beluga® systems provide a high-quality, ground product while keeping the fibers and textures intact. They do not have a pump and only have three moving parts, resulting in low maintenance costs. The new, patented chamber design of the Beluga allows it to process even the most difficult deboning applications.

The AM2C® brand of rotary separators is recognized as a global leader in high-yield, durable mechanical separation equipment. With over 20 years of expertise, AM2C provides a complete line of separating, deboning, and desinewing equipment for a variety of markets. The models available are 208, 210, 310, 620, 820, 1830, 2050, 3060, 4100, 5100, and 6100.

The Beluga incorporates advanced separation technology with a low RPM, single screw feed system for gentle handling of raw material. The result is a minimal temperature rise, product consistency, and high-quality textures. The modular design of the Beluga accommodates a wide variety of slotted and holed filter chambers, providing optimal production and the ability to process a variety of raw materials.

Head Assembly
The new modular design of the Beluga allows a customized separation solution to meet your specific application. Combining the use of cylindrical or tapered head with a variety of holed or slotted filters provides you almost unlimited configuration flexibility. And the hinged separator head provides easy yield adjustment.
• System optimized to your production needs • Adaptable to future changes in application

The touch screen controls are simple to operate and provide quick access to key information for machine operation and maintenance. The Beluga’s sanitary frame design includes a sloped top and quick disassembly for thorough cleaning, resulting in low maintenance costs and advanced food safety. The slow speed auger reduces mechanical action and temperature rise, producing a consistently better textured product. The yield adjustment mechanism is hygienic, easy to set, and requires no adjustment after cleaning or maintenance.

Touch Screen Controls
Simple to operate, the touch screen controls provide simplified organization and intuitive navigation. The screen layouts are organized to give you quick access to key information to facilitate machine operation and maintenance.

In conclusion, by combining the best deboning and desinewing technology from Beehive and AM2C, Provisur has created a new standard in separating technology. The Beluga separating systems provide maximum flexibility and excellent product quality for your unique product applications, with machine mounted controls, a hinged separator head, and a convenient parts storage cart included as standard.

If you’re interested in learning more about Provisur’s Beluga Deboning and Desinewing Systems and how they can benefit your meat processing business, contact us today!