Mosca launches entry level strapping machine

Mosca launches entry level strapping machine

Mosca launches entry level strapping machine

Strapping machine firm Mosca Direct has launched a lower-entry level semi-automatic strapping system.

The competitively priced MO-M-8 machine will allow users to strap small amounts when needed while maintaining quality and performance.

In keeping with Mosca’s modular construction concept, many core components of the robust MO-M-8 including the machine frame, strap dispenser and sealing unit are constructed in the same way as the company’s popular RO-M Fusion.

However the semi-automatic MO-M-8 dispenses with the strap guide frame, with the strap wrapped around the package manually – making it easy to use for customers who need to strap a low number of packs while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

Other features include an illuminated service push-button with coloured signals to monitor the machine’s current operating state and to check heating temperatures.

The MO-M-8 is suitable for packages that are a minimum of 80 mm wide and 10 mm high. Polypropylene (PP) strap with a width of five, eight or 12 millimetres may be used according to requirements.

Mosca Direct managing director Gaye Tate said: “The MO-M-8 proves once again that Mosca understands what customers want. Many users are already familiar with the models in the RO-M series as reliable entry-level machines but with this development we are addressing the demand from customers who do not need to strap items often, but rely on high availability when they do.”