Bladestop™ – unique cutting protection bandsaw system
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Bladestop™ – unique cutting protection bandsaw system

Bandsaw Bladestop 400 Series II, the next generation in reducing
Bandsaw risk now with new enhancements.

• Stops the blade in 0.009 seconds
• No bending of the blade – No blade change required

BladeStop reduces the risk of serious injury by stopping the Bandsaw blade
within a fraction of a second.

BladeStop™ is available worldwide and is uniquely designed to reduce risks
of serious injury by mechanically stopping the bandsaw blade when the unit
senses that a person has come in contact with the blade.

BladeStop is available in two sensing methods. Upon sensing
contact with the operator, the blade stops operating within
9 milliseconds. This can be a huge difference between having
just a small skin cut or an amputated finger.

GloveCheck, the second sensing system detects operator gloves
moving at high speed in a zone directly upstream from the saw
blade and trigger the BladeStop™ mechanism to stop the
saw blade within 9 milliseconds


• Stops the blade in 0.009 seconds
• Heavy duty industrial high speed bandsaw
• No bending of the blade, no blade changing required


• No more horrific & costly injuries
• Reduce production time lost due to injuries
• Greatly reduce worker’s compensation cost
• Reduce insurance premiums
• Reduce operator turnover and training costs
• Promote positive OH&S related to bandsaw operation
• Reduce product spoilage

• Improve personnel morale; happy and motivated workers
• Improve company’s image as an attractive workplace