World Meat Congress 2023: The International Meat Industry Faces Hot Topics Head-On in Maastricht

World Meat Congress 2023: The International Meat Industry Faces Hot Topics Head-On in Maastricht

The first World Meat Congress (WMC) in half a decade is gearing up to tackle current global challenges within the meat industry. Scheduled to take place from 11 to 13 October 2023 in the historical city of Maastricht, the Netherlands, the congress is hosted by the Dutch Meat Producers Association (COV) in partnership with the International Meat Secretariat (IMS).

The Gathering

Hundreds of people working in the meat industry and related sectors are expected to attend this significant event. Not only focusing on professionals in the meat business, the congress is also targeted towards stakeholders such as government representatives, trade organisations, retailers, and NGOs. With themes such as Meeting Society & Consumer, the event promises a vibrant discussion on various current challenges.

Agenda Highlights

Day 1 – Focus on Health and Geopolitics:

– Opening Address: *‘Healthiness of Meat in our Contemporary Diets’* by Dr. Luc van Loon from Maastricht University.
– Session on *‘World Meat Outlook and Geo-political Developments’* focusing on meat imports in key markets, with speakers like Chen Wei and Karl Skold.
– Plenary debate on *‘The political landscape for the production and consumption of meat’* with invited European ministers.

Day 2 – Consumer Trends and Sustainable Practices:

– Opening speech on *‘Trends in Consumer Behavior’* by Michael Uetz, President of Midan Marketing.
– Parallel sessions on labor shortage challenges and animal welfare.
– Discussions on diversification of the meat market, cultivated meat, and ways to enhance the value of sustainable meat production.
– A special focus on the legal and market challenges of cultivated meat, featuring representatives from the US Food Safety and Inspection Service and Mosa Meat.

The organizers aim to create an environment where dialogue is emphasised. The President of COV, Laurens Hoedemaker, stresses that the congress theme reflects their commitment to dialogue and engagement with society and consumers.

Challenges and Opportunities

With the global meat industry grappling with multiple challenges such as animal welfare, CO2 reduction, sustainability, and meat alternatives, the WMC is designed to facilitate the conversations necessary to address these challenges. Technological innovation and a focus on sustainable production align with the critical view on meat production, making this congress an invaluable event for both direct and indirect stakeholders in meat production.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

One of the other significant benefits of attending the WMC is the chance to network with other attendees. It offers the industry professionals and related disciplines an opportunity to meet and learn from expert speakers, understanding the current and future expectations of consumers in different parts of the world.


World Meat Congress 2023 is set to be a pivotal event in the meat industry, laying the foundation for dialogue, learning, and networking. With a focus on Meeting Society & Consumer, it promises to be an enriching experience for all involved, from academics to industry representatives.

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