MADO: 50 Years of Innovation, Quality, and Excellence in the Food Processing Industry

MADO: 50 Years of Innovation, Quality, and Excellence in the Food Processing Industry

For over half a century, the esteemed name MADO has been synonymous with quality, efficiency, and stability in the food-processing sector. With a robust product portfolio that caters to the needs of butchers, rendering plants, supermarkets, and gastronomy, the Germany-based firm has continually raised the bar for the industry. Through its journey, the company has championed the art of creating the best in the industry – a feat that emanates from a simple belief that “Safety has priority.”
Not only does MADO pioneer world-leading innovations, but it also commits to rigorous safety and quality standards, making it a trusted partner for professionals worldwide.

Regarded as pioneers in the food processing machine landscape, MADO has consistently striven to revolutionise the industry, creating leading-edge products that have come to define the sector. These specially crafted machines, designed and assembled in MADO’s heartland – Dornhan, nestled in the beautiful Black Forest, have brought about unmatched safety and reliability in operations across rendering plants, supermarkets, gastronomy, and the butcher’s trade.

Staying true to their ethos of “innovations with a method,” MADO has continuously brought about groundbreaking system advancements. A testament to their commitment is the introduction of the new extrusion grinders, marking a significant leap in the realm of food-processing.

However, the journey to creating flawless products doesn’t come easy. At MADO, it entails countless tests and experiments before serial production and ceaseless quality checks during the manufacturing process. The result? A guarantee that only impeccable products grace the market – a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and durability.

In line with their ambition to forge ahead with quality, MADO ardently upholds a stringent quality management system. All their machines diligently comply with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and bear the approval mark from relevant professional committees.

MADO’s commitment to excellence extends to their customer service as well. Their support teams, both in-house and field, work tirelessly, offering timely deliveries and valuable advice, providing an unsurpassed client experience.

Investing in the Future with a New Headquarters

MADO’s commitment to its home in Dornhan in Germany’s picturesque Black Forest is evident. Recently, the company invested approximately €2.5 million in a new headquarters and production hall. The 1,500 sqm production hall and a 900 sqm office building are a testament to MADO’s ambition to keep expanding and innovating. This new space not only represents a significant investment in the company’s future but also ensures MADO can meet the increasing demand for its state-of-the-art food processing machines.

A Comprehensive Look at MADO Products

MADO Extrusion Grinder: Streamlining Operations
At the core of MADO’s game-changing innovation is the Extrusion Grinder. A true revolution in the food processing industry, it merges three separate machine processes – cutting, mixing, and homogenisation – into one singular unit. This integration not only saves on capital costs and processing time, but it also eradicates the need for product transfer, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

MADO’s Extrusion Grinder can be fitted with an optional vacuum device for specialised applications, boosting protein extraction and hastening reddening times of products. Also, this grinder significantly enhances hygiene levels, simplifies cleaning processes, and cuts costs of electricity, manpower, maintenance, and floor space. In short, MADO’s Extrusion Grinder embodies efficiency, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness, all in one robust package.

MADO Grinders & Mixer Grinders: Reinventing Mincing

MADO’s range of meat mincers is impressively vast, with performance options ranging from 100 kg to 36 tons per hour output. This diversity in offerings allows MADO to provide a solution to various applications and ever-changing customer requirements.

At the heart of these machines is MADO’s patented mincing system, a groundbreaking design incorporating unique features like the layout and development of the worm and processing housing. This design, coupled with a plastic processing worm, dramatically reduces thermal stress during mincing, preserving the raw material’s quality. Additionally, MADO machines’ hygienic design, including polished welding seams, ensures effortless cleaning and maintenance.

MADO Cutter: Cutting-Edge Technologies

Crafted to cater to different needs in the food industry, MADO Cutters incorporate the latest technologies and systems to reduce costs and ensure the highest quality of products. Whether you’re a professional producer of meat products or a small-scale butcher, MADO’s cutter range offers a multitude of variants for various requirements, promising excellent work results.

MADO Band Saws: Precision in Every Cut

MADO’s Band Saws provide precise and clean sections of meat, bones, poultry, fish, or even frozen products, catering to a wide spectrum of users, from butcher trade to meat product industry, canteen kitchens, and meat dissecting plants. Made from high-grade stainless steel and designed for efficient and hygienic food processing, MADO offers eight different band saw variants to suit every application.

The band saws feature the necessary safety equipment such as a pressure device, adjustable band protection, solenoid operated door switch, and motor brake, ensuring a safe working environment without compromising on efficiency.

MADO Knife Sharpeners: Cutting-Edge Sharpness

MADO’s Superschliff knife sharpeners epitomise the pinnacle of knife sharpening competence. With a crown finish, widely recommended by leading knife manufacturers for the best cutting results, these sharpeners ensure long-lasting edge life and durability. The MADO SUPERSCHLIFF is versatile, capable of resharpening a wide range of cutting tools professionally and effortlessly. The machine, made of plastic in conjunction with stainless steel, is designed for an extraordinarily long service life.

MADO POG 521: Efficient Minced Meat Portioner

MADO’s POG 521 Minced Meat Portioner is a stellar example of MADO’s commitment to superior quality. With a machine chassis and all functional parts made of food-processing-permitted stainless steel or synthetic materials, the POG 521 ensures hygiene is maintained at all times. This machine can be vertically adjusted and mounted with a MADO automatic grinder, enabling optimal flexibility and utility in various food processing scenarios.

From streamlining operations to enhancing safety and hygiene, MADO’s extensive product range is redefining standards in the food-processing sector.


MADO FPS-Systems: An Innovation Beyond Par

The FPS is a safety system designed to prevent serious injuries among operators working on band saws. The groundbreaking system comprises an image processing system, evaluation electronics, and a mechanical brake unit. It identifies the gloves worn by the operator and immediately halts the saw when these gloves come within a certain distance of the band saw – all in a matter of milliseconds.

This innovation has set a new standard in the industry, demonstrating MADO’s commitment to the safety of workers. This, coupled with the fact that the saw band’s function remains intact despite the abrupt stop, stands as an embodiment of MADO’s dedication to innovation, safety, and efficiency.


Celebrated Innovations: The International FoodTec Award

MADO’s groundbreaking approach to safety and efficiency has garnered widespread recognition. In 2021, the company received the prestigious International FoodTec Award in Silver for their Finger Protection System (FPS). This pioneering development is a testament to MADO’s continuous strive towards innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the food processing sector.

The FPS is a revolutionary feature designed to increase operator safety on band saws, thus preventing serious injuries. The system, which includes an image processing system, evaluation electronics, and a mechanical brake unit, brings the saw band to a stop within milliseconds when it detects gloves within a defined area in front of the saw band.

As MADO celebrates its golden jubilee, it stands as a testament to consistent innovation, dedication to quality, and an unwavering commitment to meeting the demands of the professionals it serves. As they forge ahead, one can only expect that MADO will continue to set the pace, exceed expectations, and redefine standards in the food processing industry.

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