The Evolution of Meat Transport: A Look Back at the History of DIN 5047 Euro Hooks

The Evolution of Meat Transport: A Look Back at the History of DIN 5047 Euro Hooks

The “Euro hook” has a fascinating history that started in 1968, when Burkhard Höcker founded a company in Osnabrück, Germany, selling meat transport hooks to abattoirs. With the growth of modern slaughtering companies and increased meat transport by lorry, the need for a hook suitable for such transportation arose. Höcker’s task was to develop a hook that could transport meat up to 250 kg, such as pork halves or beef quarters, with ease and speed.

Euro Haken zum Transport von FleischteilenThe solution was the Euro hook, designed for loading meat onto a tubular track on a vehicle using a telescopic rail, saving about 9 hours and reducing loss of coldness during the loading process. It led to shorter standing times at the ramps and benefits for both the seller and the recipient of the meat, provided that both parties had the same transport hooks that could be exchanged.

The Euro hook quickly gained popularity and was soon registered at the Standardisation Office in Düsseldorf in April 1982 under the DIN 5047 standard. Such an outcome meant that the hooks were officially recognized and soon adopted by more companies.

Our company offers the Euro hook according to DIN 5047, which is ideal for lifting heavy loads in industrial applications. This hook features a skid of flat steel measuring 35 x 12 mm hot galvanized to ensure maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

The meat hook of our Euro hook is made of high-quality stainless steel with a diameter of 16 mm, providing exceptional strength and longevity. The hook also features a break-resistant upsetting head designed to withstand heavy loads and prevent damage or breakage during use.

Whether you need to lift heavy loads in an industrial setting or transport meat commercially, our euro hook is the perfect solution. It meets the strict specifications of DIN 5047 and is built to provide reliable and long-lasting performance.

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