Reepack in Germany doubled

The international company REEPACK responded to the economic crisis by expanding and investing in the European market, which provides 80% of the company’s sales.
In January, a new production of Reepack Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH was opened in Stutensee (Germany), focused on the development, production, and marketing of flow-pack type packaging equipment.

Reepack horizontal packaging machines, designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency, are versatile, capable of packaging fresh and frozen food products, cosmetics, technical products and other goods.

Reepack doubled its presence in Germany with its new production facility and added a strategic unit to its group.

The company has increased its level of production, focusing on expanding production, moving it closer to its European customers and distributors, as well as expanding research and development, thereby ensuring a complete production cycle, from design to sale.

The Reepack group includes three companies located in Italy, Germany, and Spain. The company’s plants are located in Italy and Germany. The group produces the main range of packaging equipment: machines for sealing trays (tray sealers), thermoforming equipment, vacuum packaging machines, flowpack packaging machines, as well as special equipment and lines upon individual request.