Reetray 30 a semi-automatic tray sealer specially designed for Modified Atmosphere (MAP) and Vacuum Skin Package (VSP) in preformed tray or on cardboard support for food-stuff in portion.
Mobile stand on wheels available with two different vacuum pump power: 40 or 60 cbm.

User-friendly HMI controller permits to set and record different programs, as for :
Vacuum and Gas processing
Inert gas over-pressure
Multi-cycle Vacuum and Gas
Vacuum Skin processing

Automatic film waste rewinding and photo-cell for printed film makes the machine complete for a better packaging. High performance and reliability in every working condition: medium or high production.

Ideal for medium sized operations and well-suited for larger companies in marketing tests for new products.



  • Productivity 3-6 cycles per minute
  • Auto Chip Film Trim System
  • Compressed air connection required


  • Photo sensor for centering the film with the seal (when sealing in gas)
  • Liquid filter separator (needed when packing liquid products)
  • Mechanical ejector tray from the matrix
  • Built-in compressed air compressor
  • Pump for gas mixtures with an oxygen content of more than 21% (when sealed in gas)
  • Increased chamber height (max. Tray height 150 mm)


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