Vacuum packing machine Henkovac M3

Vacuum packing machine Henkovac M3

Henkovac M3

Vacuum packing machine Henkovac M3

Main Features:
High-quality Busch vacuum pump
Deep-drawn vacuum chamber
Maintenance friendly construction
Cable free welding bar construction
Standard 10 Program Digital Time Control
Optional: Starter kit with consumables (teflon tape, welding wire)

Capacity: approx. 100 packages/hour (package – 200х300 mm, 500 gr)
– 1920 kg for 8 hours of continuous work
Made of stainless steel and equipped with electric control board.
Digital time control, accuracy: 0,1 second
Double sealing/trimming
Length of sealing strap: 2×320 mm
Cycle duration: 20-40 seconds
Size of chamber: 990 x 560 x 950 mm

Seal length: 840mm and 880mm
Dimensions: 990x520x1020 mm

Technical data:

Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz
Power: 1,3 kW
Pumps capacity: 21 m3/h

Weight: 125 kg


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