Sausage Peeler PTF

Sausage Peeler


Sausages peeler with the best features on the market. Designed for meat industries looking to automate the process for peeling all types of cooked sausages, very quickly and with the minimum of manual intervention.

With a vacuum system and large casing tank integrated into the body of the machine.
Peels any type of cooked sausage and cold meat in a cellulose or collagen casing.
Efficiently peels very small and short sausages (“cocktail” type).
Electronic speed variation, which can range from 35 to 200 metres/minute.
Electronic product detector which reduces the consumption of air and steam during operations.
The only one with a cover with a proximity safety detector.
With the exclusive “Air Curtain System” which prevents the operator from suffering discomfort or burns.
Large extractable plastic container for the casing.
Optional steam system for continuous production and panoramic cover.
Completely made out of stainless steel and with safety features that exceed the EC regulations.
Strong, robust and hygienic machine.

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