Inline System Centrifuges P-R

Центрифуги для рафинирования рубцов КРС. Рафинирование говяжьих и овечьих рубцов и книжек Ollari & Conti

Inline System Centrifuges P-R
The IN-LINE system is for the processing of bovine stomachs, comprising of two centrifuges, a washer and a refiner. The unit includes two fully automatic centrifuge machines each with a lifter or with a lifter for the P machine where it unloads directly into the R machine.


The machines are made of stainless steel AISI-304, including the electrical cabinet.
The machines have a matt (sand blasted) finish
Loading with a bin lifter, the O&C model S series
Pneumatic Loading Lid and Unloading Door
Pneumatic pistons to open upper chamber
A fully integrated electrical control panel with PLC Siemens S7, touch screen and its dedicated software
All processing phase are automatically controlled by the software: loading of material, rotation of the rotating plate, water, pneumatic movements of the doors. The PLC software also manages the adjustment of the parameters of the inverter for the rotation speed of the plate, the electronic mixing valve to control the temperature of the water and the communication between the two machines
Up to ninety-nine pre- set programs, with customizable parameters
Possibility of remote production control and data base and internet assistance
The line is supplied complete, requiring only installing the final connections
On request we can install systems for water recovery re-cycling system or waste water filtration system all integrated with the existing software

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