About Carnitec

Our company provides high-quality and advanced solutions including Meat Processing Equipment, Fish Processing Equipment, Dairy equipment, Packaging equipment, Production Hygiene.

Complete solutions for the food industry

Experience, qualifications and professional attitude to the business

We offer complete solutions, including consulting and design of meat processing plants and other facilities; development and implementation of technological solutions in processing and manufacturing of different food products; equipment installation engineering.
Our specialists have a long-run experience of servicing our clients at high level. Up-to-date technologies and also “know-how” in equipment design, wide product-choice, allow us to offer the advanced equipment and solutions for the enterprises of any scale and a various structure.

Our mission is to understand and fulfil our customers’ requirements by providing them with outstanding quality products and innovative solutions.

Our Services

Planning and design

  • Production technology design.
  • Meat processing factory planning ensuring a possibility future expandability of your facility.
  • Further benefits are created by the absolutely short routes in the operational procedure and the optimised flow of material without any intersections.
  • Conceptual design of possible solutions

Technical support

  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment.
  • Maintenance and equipment servicing.
  • Technical expertise. Fault detection.
  • Repair of equipment.
  • Equipment examination and evaluation
  • An inventory of equipment and supplies.
  • Estimating the cost of repairs. Installation, dismantling, repair and maintenance equipment.
  • Estimating the cost of equipment.
  • Presale preparation.

Consulting and Project Management

  • Analytics & Strategy, Product Design, Industrial Solutions
  • Turnkey solutions that maximise your business.
  • Development of new products.
  • Recipes of new products and improvement of existing ones in your plant
  • Technological assistance with product analysis
  • Product concept and recipes development
  • Industrial and packaging solutions analysis and optimisation
  • Industrial processes supervision

Why choose Carnitec

Our offer
Huge range of equipment for food industry – from the slaughter lines and cattle butchering, to the most modern solutions for portioning, filling, packing and packaging of the final product.
Experience and Expertise
Our team consists of employees with a great practical experience in the food industry. Equipment sales specialists, technologists, technicians, designers and others.
Personal attitude
Individual approach to each client, taking into account your needs and requirements.
The most modern equipment and advanced technology from leading manufacturers of equipment for the food industry.
In our work we strive to trust each other and respect their partners and colleagues, creating a solid foundation for cooperation.
Fair competition
We strive to control our behaviour in the market and adhere to the ethical rules of business partners.

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Riga, LV1002, Latvia

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