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Founded in 1957 by Fritz Knecht, the company has grown from servicing and repairing butcher machines to be the driving force in cutter knife and grinding technology.

For more than half a century, the Knecht family has managed its business with foresight and consistency. Today, the company has 60 employees and the Knecht family maintains a personal relationship with every single one. More than half of the staff has been with the company for over 10 years, and almost a third have been valued employees for over 20 years. Almost everyone in a leadership position began its career as an apprentice. The trust and respect extended to all employees is returned with loyalty and a strong work ethic.

There is a high degree of individual responsibility and direct communication allows for fast reaction time.

The company’s cosmopolitan attitude is reflected in the diversity of its employees, who come from all over the world – Germany, Argentina, Vietnam, Eritrea, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. It also shows that integration is a vital part of the Knecht philosophy.

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