Vast investments in automation at Danish Crown
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Vast investments in automation at Danish Crown

Danish Crown, is making significant strides in the development of new machines and robotic solutions. By creating and patenting these technologies, the company aims to turn the automation agenda into a competitive advantage.

A little over a year ago, Danish Crown established a department that would independently develop new technology and machines that could turn automation into a competitive advantage for the group. This move has already proven to be successful; at the end of August, Danish Crown applied for a patent for a newly developed machine for the first time in over 20 years. Historically, the company has only applied for a patent four times in Denmark. With another application on the way, it’s a good indication of how the group will develop and protect its own knowledge and solutions in the future.

“Our foreign colleagues have a competitive advantage in the form of lower wage costs, and we must make automation our competitive advantage together with, for example, sustainability. We do this better by developing and patenting solutions for work tasks that are solved just as well or better with technology, so that employees’ skills can be used where their expertise is indispensable,” says Henrik Andersen, Technical Director at Danish Crown.

In the coming year, over DKK 1 billion of the total investment budget of DKK 2.2 billion has been allocated for the modernization of production and for the construction of Danish Crown’s new factory in England, where automation is a priority. Other major investments in automation in the coming year include new palletizing systems at factories in Vejle and Horsens, which will make it easier for employees to do some of the most demanding work tasks and at the same time make the processes more efficient.

These investments are a cornerstone of Danish Crown’s Feeding the Future strategy. Over a five-year period until 2026, the plan is to invest over DKK 10 billion in production technology.

Despite the significant investments in automation, Danish Crown does not believe that it will significantly impact the number of jobs. According to a study from Aarhus University, companies that invest in automation will over time increase the number of employees and raise production levels. The company believes that automation can strengthen its competitiveness, create growth and therefore new jobs.