The Pinnacle of Meat, Poultry, and Raw Material Separation: Introducing Provisur

The Pinnacle of Meat, Poultry, and Raw Material Separation: Introducing Provisur

In the vast universe of food processing equipment, one name stands out for consistently delivering unparalleled innovation, unmatched quality, and unrivalled performance: Provisur. But what makes Provisur the go-to choice for meat, poultry, and raw material separation in the industry? Let’s delve deep.

Three-fold Mechanical Deboner and Desinewer Separation Machines

Provisur is the only entity in the market offering a choice of all three mechanical deboner and desinewer separation technologies: rotary, belt, and press. This means you get precisely the output texture, quality, and efficient recovery you desire, be it for meat, poultry, or diverse raw materials such as potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

50 Glorious Years of Culinary Innovation

With a half-century of experience, Provisur’s brands have etched an indomitable presence in the food processing equipment sector. Their legacy is fortified by an impressive portfolio of over 350 global patents. Their revolutionary designs are globally acknowledged, their food scientists and engineers constantly blaze new trails, and they’ve been pioneers in fulfilling custom requirements, resulting in tasteful masterpieces.

Global Presence with a Personal Touch

While Provisur’s headquarters graces the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, they’ve marked a global footprint with a vast network of sales and service locations. This ensures that wherever you are, a Provisur expert is just around the corner, ready to offer local support, solutions, and innovations tailored to your unique challenges.

An Array of Exceptional Technologies

1. Press Technology:

– Bone Cannon™: A marvel that extracts high meat yields even after harvesting prime cuts.
– STS (Soft Tissue Separator): The latest in bone, sinew, and cartilage separation ensures superior yields and quality.
– Hoegger® Systems: Perfect for gentle hard/soft separation, especially for potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Belt Technology:

AM2C® Separators: Known for their durability, low auger rotation speeds, and impeccable hygienic designs.

The SM and Barracuda® modular systems versatility provide the highest yield for a multitude of product applications and are designed for greater simplicity and ease of use.

3. Rotary Separators by Beehive®:

– From the pioneering Piranha RSBF Separator, ensuring minimal waste, to the BeeMax® Separator, maximising poultry processing efficiency, Beehive® holds a legacy of versatile and high-performing rotary separators.

All-Rounded Solutions for Diverse Food Processing Needs

Be it marinating, frying, slicing, or freezing, Provisur’s offerings extend beyond separation. They are the hallmark of innovation in industrial food processing equipment.

Legacy Brands That Define Excellence

Trusted names like Weiler®, Formax®, and Hoegger® fall under Provisur’s umbrella. Their vast portfolio ensures an automated processing line for customers, integrating best-in-class equipment.

Diverse Solutions for Every Culinary Quest

From sausages and bone-in products to bakery items and pet food, Provisur’s domain is diverse. Their impeccable solutions promise new product applications, heightened performance, advanced hygiene design, labor efficiency, and much more.

Beyond the brand, Provisur signifies a promise – a commitment to unmatched quality, endless innovation, and steadfast customer-centricity. In your quest to introduce a novel dish or refine a classic, Provisur pledges unwavering support. Let’s journey together through a gourmet odyssey, where ingenuity savours every bite.