The 5th Generation Of Laska Has Arrived!

The 5th Generation Of Laska Has Arrived!

In December 2015, Maximilian Laska took over the sales management of LASKA. The enterprise has been run by the family for 136 years, and now the 5th generation is at the helm. We are happy about the new energy for LASKA and would like to give you some more particulars about Maximilian.

Since the time when Wilfried and Herbert Laska retired from operations, there has been a great deal of speculation about when Maximilian would join the family enterprise. His father Wilfried was always convinced that his son would follow in his footsteps one day: “Even as a child he often came to the production hall with me, watched the employees assemble the machines and searched the world map above my desk for the countries we export to. I was sure he’d take over my duties one day.”

However, it was very important to him that his son should get a taste of life outside the company before taking over the significant duty of being a managing director. “I know from personal experience how difficult it is to work under the pressure exerted by the family, to have to live up to their expectations or to oppose them and find your own way. Therefore, I’d wanted for Maximilian to have the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for this task.”

The ambitious successor says: “Joining the enterprise right after finishing my studies was no option for me. I wanted to prove myself outside the enterprise and gather some experience internationally to bring some fresh air, new ideas and impressions back to the company. After graduating from the Vienna University of Technology I got the opportunity to join the automotive supplier AVL List GmbH in Graz, where I last headed international engine development projects. It was a very exciting time that has certainly shaped my way of working.”

With an export quota of 97 percent, the machine manufacturer LASKA is one of the most successful enterprises in its line of business. Since December 2015 it has been headed by the two managing directors Maximilian Laska and Alexander Brinnich, who has held a leading position in the enterprise for more than 15 years. “It’s a great honour to me that my father handed over this responsibility to me. I can’t imagine any greater challenge, while I’m motivated to do my best for the enterprise and its employees. To me, they are also a part of the family.”

Some LASKA employees have observed the career of the young entrepreneur, and they are sure that Maximilian has everything it takes for this job. “He has grown up with machines, and he knows the people in the enterprise. Moreover, he is familiar with our partners and the market. All of us here are happy that he’s finally with us to steer LASKA into a successful future.”