REICH ClimaStar maturing systems

REICH ClimaStar maturing systems

Raw sausage curing systems present the greatest challenges to the expertise of the climate specialists because much more is required here than for a conventional climate control system: The matching of optimised energy, air and control technology to the requirements of highly sensitive raw products.

Especially for climate-controlled and curing systems, this depends on an exact technological design. AIRMASTER® ClimaStar systems guarantee sophisticated technology for the safe production of your raw sausage products. The tested and climate-optimised microcomputer control unit guarantees that the products are cured gently and with the maximum possible idle times. The REICH systems are equipped with large-scale evaporator capacity for fast and brief dehydrating. With this technology the humidification is only activated at extreme conditions. As a further effect, the systems offer the advantage of enormous energy savings.

The air circulation speed in our modern systems is determined by the water released by the products. This means that the system automatically changes its speed as needed. This in ensured by the installation of a frequency converter and guarantees exact and individual moisture removal which simultaneously prevents the formation of dry edges on the products.

It makes no difference whether it is PRE-CURING, SWEATING, DRYING, CURING, COLD SMOKING, or POST-CURING. You will always achieve the best production results with the systems of the AIRMASTER® ClimaStar series with consideration of economic parameters and the greatest possible process reliability.

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AIRMASTER® KRAI operates with air circulation conditioning completely independent of weather conditions and with low energy consumption. The advantages of this system with its precise control behaviour are the constantly precise temperature and moisture values in accordance with the specified target values.

AIRMASTER® KNRI post-maturing systems operate in a closed system with air circulation treatment independent of weather conditions and with low energy consumption. The system can still be variably operated with fresh air flow. This depends on the degree of maturity of the products.

AIRMASTER® KKRI curing systems operate with air circulation conditioning completely independent of weather conditions and with low energy consumption.


REICH is Germany’s oldest name in the market for smoking process systems. As a mid-sized company with headquarters in Schechingen, Ostalbkreis, we can look back on 125 years of family tradition.

The smoking systems of the Swabian system producer REICH have been known for decades for their consistently high processing quality, the best production results and easy handling It makes no difference whether you would individually like to process meat, sausage, fish, poultry, cheese or other products – The REICH engineers always find the ideal solution for all requirements.

reichBut tradition alone does not account for a good system manufacturer because to quote our corporate management “experience is fine but continuous advancement and intelligent usage of new technical opportunities are decisive.”



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