REICH ATA ClimaStar’s Defrosting Excellence

REICH ATA ClimaStar’s Defrosting Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of the meat processing industry, the REICH ATA ClimaStar defrosting systems have carved a niche for themselves. Known for their economical and gentle defrosting processes, these systems are adept at handling everything from thinly sliced, unpackaged frozen products to thick, packaged frozen blocks, making them an indispensable part of modern food processing.

Innovative Defrosting Technology: Ensuring Quality and Hygiene

At the heart of the REICH ATA ClimaStar system is its innovative smart process control. This advanced technology ensures reliable defrosting while maintaining optimal product quality and hygiene. The process minimizes weight loss during defrosting, which is a crucial factor in maintaining the economic efficiency of meat processing operations.

Energy Efficiency: A Step Towards Sustainable Operation

One of the standout features of the ATA ClimaStar systems is their extremely energy-saving operation. Through innovative smart process control, these systems optimize energy use, underscoring REICH’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices.

Revolutionizing Fish Processing: The Future is REICH
Revolutionizing Fish Processing: The Future is REICH

Design and Durability: The Stainless Steel Advantage

Every REICH ATA ClimaStar unit and duct system is constructed entirely from 1.4301 stainless steel, known for its durability and hygienic properties. This choice of material not only ensures the longevity of the equipment but also supports the stringent hygiene standards required in the food processing industry.

Tailoring to Industry Needs: Customizable Solutions

Understanding that no two meat processing operations are alike, the REICH ATA ClimaStar systems offer customization to meet the specific requirements of any product and process. This flexibility is a testament to REICH’s customer-centric approach to design and manufacturing.

Beyond Defrosting: Smart Control and User-Friendly Interface

Ease of operation is a key component of the ATA ClimaStar systems. The intuitive touch screen controller, boasting a brilliant TFT display and capacitive touch technology, makes managing the defrosting process straightforward and efficient. Additionally, the integration with REICH MasterControl software allows for comprehensive process monitoring, ensuring consistent product quality.


REICH’s Legacy: Commitment to Quality and Innovation

With a tradition spanning over 125 years, REICH, based in Schechingen, Germany, stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation in thermal processing systems. The company’s commitment to producing systems with a high level of vertical integration, from design to final product, sets it apart in the industry.

Carnitec: Your Trusted Partner for REICH Systems in the Baltic States

Carnitec proudly represents REICH in the Baltic States, bringing these top-tier defrosting solutions closer to you. We invite you to explore the remarkable capabilities of REICH systems and see firsthand how they can enhance your operations. Contact us for a personal factory tour and discover the world of opportunities with REICH ATA ClimaStar systems.