Reepack at IFFA 2019

Reepack at IFFA 2019

Reepack is a company that manufactures packaging equipment with a wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment.

Extensive experience in packaging equipment production has given us a deep understanding of the requirements for the production requirements that are subject to this application.

Reepack serves customers across the entire range of packaging applications with innovative solutions through a wide range of technologies, design experience, and a combination of intellectual property, strategic partnerships, and manufacturing facilities.

It is a team of international experts with the same deep interest in the packaging world. The need to satisfy our customers with an innovative solution based on the latest technology. They are exporting our creativity and energy all over the world, which are the main points of our engineering. Honesty, desire, endurance and spirit are important values for everyone.

Idea 4.0 in Industry

Transform your performance by giving your teams exceptional opportunities to see, understand and act in real time.

As the world’s leading meat industry exhibition, IFFA Frankfurt will be our latest packaging innovation theater.

Thanks to our industry platform 4.0: ReeNext, we will present a wide range of equipment connected to the remote control.

Come and see what we do – discover our full range of vacuum cameras, sealing trays, thermostat and packing machines!

If you need a perfect package for your product, go to the Reepack stand for the latest technology.