Provisur Technologies introduces updated soft separators

Provisur Technologies introduces updated soft separators

Provisur Technologies, a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment for food processing, has expanded its new STS (Soft Tissue Separator) series of mechanical deboning separators to 4 modifications.

The new separators are designed to efficiently and accurately separate the soft tissues of meat, poultry, and fish and are designed by default to be integrated into a single processing system with other devices from the extensive Provisur range.

STS separators

Universal soldier in your production

The updated STS-line includes several models at once (from 500 kg/h to 3,600 kg/h):

• STS 800;
• STS 1200;
• STS 2000;
• STS 3000.

Any of these devices can be used to efficiently separate bone, tendon, cartilage and other by-products from meat, poultry or fish. Moreover, the novelties work very carefully, preserving the structure, consistency, and, consequently, the value of the product. Provisur STS separators are also suitable for fine processing of fruits and vegetables.

Another useful feature of these separators is that they can also be used as unpacking machines. They will be useful when processing defective products or those that have expired, as they practically automate the separation of goods from packaging.

Technological details of Provisur STS separators

Provisur STS

A flexible pressure band feeds the product into the separator tank and presses it against the perforated drum. Thanks to the adjustable mechanical pressure, soft tissues pass through these openings, while hard parts such as bone fragments, fish bones, tendons, cartilage, etc. remain outside the drum and are removed by the cleaning knife.

Equipped with a frequency control system, the STS series separators allow flexible adjustment of the processing speed, coordinating it with other line components before or after the separator. Thus, the novelty

The separators have received a modern hygienic design with a removable and easily replaceable working belt. This ensures fast and efficient cleaning as well as simplifies maintenance. And in the event of a tape failure, it can be replaced in a short time, minimizing line downtime.

STS separators of all standard sizes can be used both as part of a production complex and independently. The wide capacity range from 500 to 3600 kg/h is fully consistent with the capabilities of other Provisur machines and devices, including Bone Cannon hydraulic separators.