Vacuum mixer MIX-450V

N&N Nadratowski sp.j. is a manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality mixers, applicable in all sectors of the food industry.

Вакуумная лопастная мешалка MIX 450V

Vacuum mixer MIX-450 V

The MIX and MIX V series are the highest quality open and vacuum intermeshing twin shaft paddle mixers with capacities from 180 to 6000 liters. With a wide range of capacities, individual configuration and a variety of accessories, you can choose a mixer that is perfectly suited to your technological requirements and the reliable operation of which you will be enjoying for decades.

In the MIX and MIX V series the mixing process takes place through two dependent and intermeshing paddle shafts, placed at different heights. Mixing is carried out by rotating both shafts in the opposite direction with the same preset speed inside or outside.

The N&N’s MIX and MIX V series, thanks to a large ejection flap located at the lower half of the mixing bowl and low clearance between the shafts and the bowl, have a very short ejection time of the mixed product, while leaving only minimal amount of product between the individual batches.

Depending on the model, MIX and MIX V series mixers are equipped with reliable manual operator panel or colour HMI touch screen, which is user-friendly and intuitive to use. The software allows access control, manual and automatic operation and up to 100 mixing programs, where each can consist of 5 programmable steps.

The MIX V series vacuum mixers have a reinforced bowl construction and a solid and tight top cover, which allows to achieve a vacuum of up to 99%. Vacuum improves protein extraction, liquids absorption, distribution and absorption of spices and other additives, enables density control, and eliminates air bubbles before emulsification, filling or forming.

The MIX and MIX V series machines are the most universal type of mixers available on the market, which are able to gently, effectively and quickly mix most types of products, regardless of viscosity and stickiness, such as stuffing and meat, poultry and fish cuts, vegetables, fruits, cereal mixes, dairy products, up to animal feed.

Total capacity [L] : 450
Max filling [L] : 360
Installed Power [kW] : 6,2
Loader option : PZ-2/250
Vacuum pump : BUSCH 21m3/h
Column Loader power [kW] : 0,75
Standard control : PLC and HMI
Shaft rotation speed [rpm] : 4-40
Variable speed Required pressure [bar] : 6
Mixer net weight [kg] : 760
Unloading to bin DIN 9797 : 200 l
Opening/closing lids : pneumatically

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