SM208 Mechanical bone separator

AM2C manufactures mechanical separators and produces MDM (30 000 tons/year) in its factory SFV in France. The company sells MDM through our trading company Nevial internationally. This production and sale of MDM gives us indispensable experience on a real time basis which guarantees high quality machines.


Helping you get the most from your raw material, AM2C® specializes in high-yield mechanical separation. Our rugged, stainless steel design withstands day-to-day operations. And, our slow rotation speed results in exceptional end-product quality. AM2C is the ideal solution for your mechanical separation production line.

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AM2C Benefits
Slow rotation speed
Operator-friendly controls
Easy to clean, assemble and dismantle
Pre-breaking incorporated in the separator
Low temperature rise
Low maintenance costs
Easy and precise yield adjustments and settings
Modular and flexible: 3 kits available based on finished product application
Complete lines with loader, storage hopper, conveyor, metal detector, weighing table and mixer
Regeneration of the same head (screw & filter) from 8 to 12 times
Fully supported startup and training by our knowledgeable technicians

AM2C SM208 (mechanical separation)

Capacity (poultry) 200-300kg/h
Capacity (fish) 200-300kg/h

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