Risco RS 613 vacuum filler with inline grinding system

RS 613 – The vacuum filler with inline grinding system for coarse and dry sausage products

Risco RS 613 vacuum filler with inline grinding system

Risco RS 613 vacuum filler with inline grinding system is ideally suited to process sausage products with different calibres and consistency, manufactured from cold and dry coarse meat. The RS 613 is designed and developed for large-scale industry, featuring an in-line grinding system which ensures a final product of the highest quality, with good density and excellent particle definition. This model is the perfect filler for filling dry and cooked sausages (cured sausages, cooked sausages, boiled salami and similar sausage products). The continuous and automatic suctioning of the production from the large circular, floor-mounted tank ensures high production and, consequently, a dramatic reduction in downtime. The latest generation Risco control panel adopts icons in order to monitor and control all the filling parameters quickly and intuitively. It can store up to 100 different programmes. The RS 613 can be easily connected and interfaced with automatic clipping machines.

Main features

Higher quality of the final product
Longer shelf-life of the product
Reduction in seasoning time
Increased weight of each unit produced
Highly precise portion weight
Delicate filling even at high working pressures
Eeasily integrated into existing production processes

Technical features

Production per hour: 7.200 or 11.000 kg / h
Filling pressure: 60 or 40 bar max
Installed power: 17 kW
Hopper capacity: 350 liters
Loading tank capacity: 450 liters

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