Risco RS 505 vacuum filler for the large industry

RS 505 – The vacuum filler for the large industry


Risco RS 505 vacuum filler for the large industry

Risco RS 505 vacuum filler brings together the whole modern technology of the Risco vacuum filler advanced series and the sturdy, compact mechanically complete and versatile structure of the machine, capable to meet the requirements of the most demanding producers. The machine is controlled by a central computer, and all the filling parameters can be recalled and shown on the main display. The exclusive Risco filling pump system eliminates the metal-to-metal wear and allows a gentle conveying of the product. As a result, an exceptional definition of the stuffed product may be expected. The RS 505 filler can be perfectly synchronized with clipping machines and with all the Risco accessories, thus ensuring a fully satisfactory production in large industries.

Main Features

High production and quick portioning system
Optimized filling process
Adequate feeding with a high vacuum degree
Dynamic and easy to use programming software
Suitable for connection with clipping machines
Machine with compact line with smooth surfaces and rounded corners

Technical Features

Production per hour: 10.000 kg / h
Portioning speed : 700 pcs / min
Filling pressure: 40 bar max
Installed power: 12 kW
Hopper capacity: 350 liters

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