Risco RS 305 advanced vacuum filler

RS 305 The advanced vacuum filler for medium-high productions

Risco RS 305 advanced vacuum filler

Risco RS 305 advanced vacuum filler – New electronic continuous vacuum filler for sausages, for medium-high productions. Just like all the Risco filling machines of the advanced series, the RS 305 model features all the well-proven characteristics of the Risco fillers in terms of durability and reliability associated with the modern servo-controlled drive technology. The new RS 305 filler is a compact, accurate and reliable machine. The new microprocessor controls allow to monitor the whole machine directly and efficiently in order to speed up and optimize the production. All the production programs can be easily recalled by the operator to change over to other products immediately. RS 305 filler extremely versatile and suitable for any food processing. The optimized feeding system allows to perfectly fill the Risco LongLife pump so that a gentle and accurate filling of any sort of sausages or food stuff can be achieved. The filler can be connected to all the Risco accessories of the advanced range for an optimum and wide-ranging production system.

Main Features

Accurate weight control of the portions
Excellent definition and compaction of the final product
Increased production efficiency with big portions
Easy navigation of the programs with icons
Compact design
Silent operation
Reduced wearing costs

Technical Features

Production per hour : 4900 Kg / h
Portioning speed: 680 pcs / min
Filling pressure : 40 bar max
Installed power: 8 kW
Hopper capacity: 280 liters

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