Maxima breast cap deboning 2.0

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    The MAXIMA 2.0 highlights the latest technology in breast meat
    deboning. This new Breast Cap Deboner is able to debone up
    to 3,000 breast caps per hour and produces single fillets. Final
    product is very well suited for tray-packing, requiring minimum
    trim as well as displaying perfect presentation. The machine
    offers a solution for deboning single fillets in an extremely
    simple and easy way, resulting in the highest possible yield and
    excellent product presentation. The Foodmate MAXIMA Breast
    Cap Deboning provides maximum performance, maximum
    simplicity and maximum flexibility, while requiring minimum
    floor space, as well as minimum maintenance and operating
    Capitalizing on its flexibility, the MAXIMA 2.0 can easily adjust
    to multiple plants’ set up and configurations requirements.
    The standard configuration includes a breast deboning unit
    for single breast fillets, a carcass unloader and an inline
    deskinning unit. In addition, the machine can be equipped
    with multiple conveyor belts, as it was designed to
    accommodate any conveyor belt direction variation.
    New equipment is the automatic wishbone remover. The
    wishbone remover (AWR) automatically harvests the entire
    wishbone with minimum weight loss. The unit is extremely
    easy to adjust and maintain.


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    из нержавеющей стали

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