Horizontal slicing machine hsm-2

• Designed to feed newest dual lane portioners
• Two lanes with independent height adjustment
and slice thickness
• Variable belt speed, max. 80 feet per min.
• Portion Removal to either side of the slicer
• Superior cut with short oscillating blade
• Long blade life
• No heat development, no cooling water needed
• Floating hold down belts
• Allan Bradley inverters for variable belt speed
and slicing speed
• Designed for operator friendly and quick adjustments,
machine controls on product loading side
• Properly guarded for safe operation, complies with latest
safety and hygiene requirements
• Cleans easily with only slicing kits to be removed
• Extremely heavy-duty, designed for minimum
downtime and maintenance
• Powerful gear motors
– 1 x slicing unit
– 1 x bottom conveyor belt
– 1 x top compression belt
• Conveyor belts 330mm/13” wide with FDA
quick connectors
• Made in stainless steel and other FDA approved
non corrosive materials
• Water spray system for top and bottom belts optional

Рама и двигатель

из нержавеющей стали

Мощность (IP66) двигателя

3 x 2,7 кВт


2924 мм


1306 мм


1320 мм


550 кг

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