High speed Flow Pack packaging machine FP 100 E

High speed Flow Pack FP 100 E

Tecno Pack presents new Series FP 100 E

Decades of Tecno Pack SpA’s evolution have led to a concentrate of technology, a fully electronic packaging machine, the most advanced flow packer in today’s market.
A concentrate of technology serving the most demanding food industry: FP 100 E E, the new series of high-speed horizontal packaging machines built by Tecno Pack S.p.A.

FP 100 E E is the result of decades of technological evolution operated by Tecno Pack SpA on ordinary basis. The experience honed while serving the major market players at world level has allowed this Vicenza-seated company to propose the most advanced version of its flow-pack horizontal packaging machines to international users.

This combination results into a fully electronic packaging machine, featuring cantilever frame to be easily sanitized, motorized film unwinding calender, side-sealing unit with two independent motors, transversal sealing units, both long dwell (with the innovative, fast changeover system) and high-speed box motion.
The box motion version is presently the fastest prolonged sealing system of this type, square motion, to date; it can combine the versatility of traditional D-like motion cut-seal machines, also known as long dwell, with the versatility of translating cut-seal machines, aptly known as box motion.

Ultimate operational precision, design and solutions studied for high sanitization, ergonomics, mechanic and electronic stability, high-speed for prolonged sealing, controlled atmosphere (MAP), manometric dosing of liquids such as alcohol and antimould, integration into advanced print systems, upstream and downstream interaction with any integrated system, easy and user-friendly touch screen, reliability and long service, make the new packaging machine FP 100 E, created to be integrated into automatic lines, as the best top-of-the-range alternative for food enterprises that ask for top



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