Hand Disinfecting Station


Станция для дезинфекции рук

Hand Disinfecting Station

In the food processing industry, personnel hygiene is of utmost importance. With the cleaning and disinfection solutions we offer a range of high quality products that set new standards in terms of efficiency, eco-friendliness and design. All hygiene products are in accordance with EU and USDA guidelines.

Stainless steel AISI304 / 230 V 50 Hz power supply / control voltage 24 V DC power 0,1 kW / wall mounted or on legs / turnstile on the right side or on the left side turnstile rotates in one or both directions.

Versions (letter after no. means):
“L“ – turnstile on the left side, or
“P” – turnstile on the right side, and
“NO” – turnstile activated in case of power supply failure, and
1 – turnstile rotates in one direction when there is no power, or
2 – turnstile rotates in both directions when there is no power supply (e.g.: 6870305LNO2 – as shown on the picture)


  • 1366x985x973mm   CR6882110L2
  • 1366x985x1319mm   CR6881110L2

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