Food Cutter Scharfen TC 11

Scharfen TC 11

Food Cutter Scharfen TC 11

  • Table top food cutter made of stainless steel
  • Bowl and knife-assembly are driven by 2 separate motors, constant speed of the bowl 14 rpm
  • Because of free wheel bearing the bowl is turnable when the machine is switched off
  • Powerful motor
  • All types of food can be cleanly cut and mixed at the same time in only a few seconds
  • Contents of bowl 11 litres
  • Standard execution with 2-knife-assembly, upon request available with 3-knife-assembly
  • Motor 3-phase or 1-phase, voltage and cycles as required
  • 1-speed or 2-speed execution, 2-speed-execution only with 3-phase motor
  • High cutting speed with 2-knife-assembly:
  • 2840 cuts per minute with 1st speed
  • 5680 cuts per minute with 2nd speed

Technical Data

overall dimensions (l x w x h):    820 x 510 x 415 mm (with closed lid)
995 x 510 x 540 mm (with open lid)
counter space required (l x w):    670 x 370 mm
weight:    approximately 55 kg
voltage:    3-phase or 1-phase, voltage and cycles as required 2-speed-execution only in 3-phase
power requirement:    1-speed execution app. 1.2 kW, 2-speed execution app. 1.2 / 1.5 kW
sound level:    <70 dB (A)
knife assembly:    standard execution with 2-knife-assembly, 3-knife-assembly at an extra charge

By using high quality material (stainless steel) cleaning according to HACCP is much easier as stainless steel is resistant against detergents and disinfectants which are necessary in order to fulfil these conditions.

The Food Cutter is conform to legal security and hygienic requirements. CE.

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