Flaming machine for pigs


Flame-off singer consists of a complete unit with control and monitoring panel and all necessary regulating valves. The flame-off singer offers the following advantages:

Flexible singing from operation to operation, with individual timer setting options
Optimal and even singing of both hogs and sows with individually adjustable burner heads
Timed and synchronized singing
Energy benefits through a heat recovery system for heating of water through gas fumes

The FURNACE is used to burn bristles and skin residuals
from the carcasses.
The FURNACE can also be applied for decontamination
at the end of the subsequent cleaning line.
The FURNACE, equipped with 32 burners is used for
up to 300 animals per hour such as pigs and sows.

Machines are suitable for pigs with a weight of 30 to 300 kg.

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 170 × 140 cm

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