CO2 Pigs Stunning System

The Frontmatec CO2 stunning system is equipped with a wash-down cleaning system. After work has been finished, the cleaning system automatically cleans the outside and partly the inside of the gondolas, considerably reducing the total time for cleaning.

The Frontmatec CO2 pigs stunning system ensures safe stunning of groups of pigs with high animal welfare, high hygiene levels and safety for stunning operators.


Why the Frontmatec CO2 stunning system:

  • Improved meat quality ensured by quick transfer of the animals into a controlled CO2 concentration
  • Reduction of stunning operators by use of group-wise stunning
  • Wash-down cleaning system
  • Optimal machine durability and operation time through the latest technology, as it is equipped with a central lubricating system and gondolas moving in an optimum combination of accelerations, speeds and decelerations
  • Minimized maintenance and service through easy access to electrical and other vital parts

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