Production planning for the meat industry

Production planning for the meat industry

We offer comprehensive solutions to plan, design, and construct meat, poultry, plants. We can optimize your production, processing and distribution processes.

The planning of a food processing plant is a very complex process which is influenced by many different parameters. Every phase of the planning process from the basic evaluation and prelimniary planning, over the blue-print planning, to the execution planning and site management requires a lot of industry sector specific know-how.

We offer most advanced and modern services in project works and production design for complete meat processing industry, including:

  • Concepts and technological projects of complete food processing facilities, particularly meat processing plants, poultry plants, refrigeration and storage facilities
  • Technological projects for separate production plants and technological lines modernization
  • Stand alone equipment selection with optimal technical and technological settings which response to the demand of a customer
  • Realisation and implementation of complete new facilities
  • Facilities modernization in all industries except technological, as well as construction and installation projects (architecture, constructions, sanitary facilities, refrigeration, electrical installations etc.)

All food processing plants have one thing in common the better the flow of material is tailored to the company’s individual production requirements, the greater the business efficiency.

Our planning is fundamentally done from the inside out and thus also ensures the future expandability of your premises. Further benefits are created by the absolutely short routes in the operational procedure and the optimised flow of material without any intersections.

Excellent knowledge of legal standards, technological and integration demands, which are necessary in EU countries, convince our customers that their investments response to the highest standard, and the optimal choice of machinery and technological lines allow to save finances and bring efficiency.

We offer the planning, project management, rationalising of new buildings and rebuilding’s or expansions completely from one source. We are committed to this is the only way that planning mistakes can be avoided and valuable synergies will be established and used.

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