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Low pressure cleaning for meat processing plants, poultry plants, fish-processing plants and dairies.

Centralized cleaning systems

Dynamic rise of export, especially in the regions dominated till now by the biggest global producers, proves the rightness of concept chosen by our constructors in the field of preparation dosage. The injectory feeder (determining desirable level of concentration) proved to be more precise, durable, reliable and resistant to unauthorized persons action than the solutions proposed by other producers.

On the one hand the functional design of our system and its elements enables easy and trouble free operation with minimum costs of maintenance service, on the other hand our system is a very modern solution enabling effective cleaning and disinfection of production surfaces with the use of warm water with optimal temperature of 50-55° C.

Our Cleaning system was created as a response to clients needs for modern and reliable solutions at moderate price.

Materials used for production (stainless steel), components and quality of work made up a highly valued and sought after product designed for cleaning operations with the use of foam low pressure cleaning technology.

Foam is a system of air bubbles scattered in chemical agent solution. It consists 90% of air, 9,8% of water and 0,2% of cleaning preparation.

Thus 500 litres of foam = 1 litre of preparation + 49 litres of water + 450 litres of air.

This amount of foam enables to cover about 200m2 of horizontal surface with 2 mm layer.

The most important advantages of our cleaning system are as follows:

  • increase in chemical agent cleaning capacity (in some cases even 10 times),
  • full control of chemicals concentration,
  • increased penetration of porous surfaces,
  • optical control of surfaces covered by foam,
  • increased time of contact between working solutions and impurities (especially on vertical surfaces),
  • water saving,
  • labour saving,
  • low noise level,
  • minimized risk at work with concentrated chemical.

The main elements of the central cleaning system are pump units based on GRUNDFOS pumps that increase water pressure and satellite stations connected via water and air network.

Microprocessor control systems used in pump units JPR E and connected with detector system as well as information about pump condition displayed on control panel fully protect the pump and provide immediate information about emergency states that cause shut-down of pump supply.

Emergency states are as follows:
high water temperature,
low input pressure,
low output pressure,
motor overload
high motor temperature.

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