Portion control meat slicing system FP 240-6

Portion control meat slicing system FP 240-6

Portion controlled slicing applications:
Fresh or frozen meat cuts, without and even with bones; from pork, beef, veal, lamb and turkey.

For the economic production of minute steaks, steaks, schnitzel, beef roulade, pork chops, meat cubes etc

Dimension of raw material (dimension of portioning set):
Max. length of cut: 625 mm (optionally 750 mm)

Portioning set:
Different infeed moulds can be inserted in one portioning set ring, depending on the meat cuts to be portioned. This allows the portioning of different types of products with minimum setup times.


Wide application range: for all cuts from pork, beef, veal, lamb, poultry; fresh or frozen, without or with bones.
Changeover to other products within seconds.
Minimum changeover and setup times thanks to continuous meat infeed.
High cutting capacity with different types of portion formation.
Maximum yield: Trimming-free portioning of the meat cuts.