Pökelboy® brine injector
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Pökelboy® brine injector


Stainless steel cover
High power resources
Integrated pressure control with manometer
Suction device with pre-filter-system
Integrated feed-back system
Easy to clean thoroughly
Low electricity consumption
Quick change of injection needles
Stainless steel injection needles 200 x 4 mm
Synthetic material spray pistol
VA pump stainless steel


Metal spray pistol, chromium plated
Fork with two needles
Fork with three needles
Fork with four needles
Fork with five needles
Vein needles

Ideal VA
230 V
Ideal VA
400 V
Europa VA
400 V
230 V/50 Hz 400 V/50 Hz 400 V/50 Hz
1 Ph 3 Ph 3 Ph
0,25 kW 0,25 kW 0,5 kW
ca. 4 bar ca. 4 bar ca. 5 bar