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Welcome to our strapping machines section! As a leading distributor of Mosca strapping machines and equipment, we provide top-quality strapping solutions for all your packaging needs.

strapping machineWe offer a range of Mosca strapping machines that can be adapted to practically any application, from reliable entry-level models to customised, fully automated high-performance systems that can be integrated into any upstream automation line. Our manual, automatic, or fully automated strapping systems enable you to reliably and efficiently close, bundle or secure packages for transport with maximum machine availability.

At our company, we understand the importance of having reliable and cost-effective strapping solutions. That’s why we offer manual strapping machines that are designed for entry-level customers who want high quality at an affordable price. These units are typically used by customers who strap less frequently but require maximum availability when the machine operates.

Our automatic strapping machines are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are equipped with a strap guide frame through which the strapping is automatically placed around the package, tensioned, and welded. We also offer fully automated pallet strapping systems that can be easily integrated into fully automated production lines and serve as the mainstay of an Industry 4.0 application.

At our company, we consider practicality and efficiency when designing our strapping systems. Our machines are compact and require minimal floor space, and several of the automatic machines can be operated from both sides. We also offer pre-owned strapping machines that are overhauled at our factory to meet the highest standards regarding maintenance and operational suitability.

We offer Mosca’s own strapping materials made of polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) or biocompatible polylactide (PLA) that are suitable for a wide range of strap tensions. Our strapping materials are reliable and high-quality, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.

Our company is committed to providing eco-friendly and energy-saving strapping solutions. Our SoniXs ultrasonic technology ensures a high-strength sealing point with no vapours and low energy consumption, enabling us to meet the highest standards for eco-friendly, resource-saving products and processes.

We understand that every business has different needs and requirements. Our wide range of strapping solutions is suitable for various industries, from the corrugated board and paper industry to the mail order sector, logistics, building materials, food and beverage, and graphic arts.

Please browse through our website to find the perfect strapping solution for your business. Our company is dedicated to providing high-quality strapping solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, and efficient.