New building expansion of REICH Thermoprozesstechnik

New building expansion of REICH Thermoprozesstechnik

In 2017, we reported on the completed expansion of REICH Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH headquarters in Schechingen. After two years of intensive growth, we are now ready to take our next strategic steps, and are planning another building expansion. The company has already purchased over 10,000 m2 adjacent to the current operating grounds in 2018.

This space will now be developed over time with production and administrative buildings. The first step is a plan to expand production space for our affiliate E.F. Jaiser Blechbearbeitung by 1,500 m2 and add 1,000 m2 of final assembly space at REICH.

This space will primarily house assembly for smoke generators and raw sausage processing systems. Due to the ongoing expansion of our workforce, we will also be adding 500 m2 to the social and administrative space at the same time.

A second, larger cafeteria and offices for production planning and design are being added. In addition, we are planning to add two large seminar rooms for employee and customer training. Just as in the first two phases of construction, planning has focused on good ergonomics.The planned office wing is equipped with door-to-ceiling windows, an environmentally-friendly heating and cooling system, and open and friendly room partitions.

High windows and skylights are planned for both production warehouses, along with two crane tracks.

“With this strategically important expansion, we are getting both companies ready for success in the 2020- 2030 decade, and we are committing ourselves to produce products in Germany both now and in the future”, explains Tobias Layer, Managing Director of REICH. “This step has allowed us to consistently pursue our philosophy of good vertical integration in manufacturing, ensuring our customers can continue to receive products that are 100% made in Germany from us in the future”, Layer continues.