Slaughtering and Primary processing

Live animal handling

The quality of meat begins with lairages that are appropriate for the species. You can seamlessly integrate them into your slaughterhouse.

Modern slaughterhouses and boning plants know that delivery of the animals for slaughter already forms part of a contemporary slaughter process. Species-appropriate lairages integrated into your establishment will comply with all criteria regarding animal welfare and ensures stress-free delivery of the livestock to the slaughtering process. This process, in turn, positively affects the meat quality. More and more consumers pay attention to this.

Animal welfare-compliant lairages.

Customised technology for the slaughtering of pigs.
From complete systems and entire facilities to the individual products that cater for the very specific needs of a butchery. Everything is tailored to your needs, everything you need to give you a competitive edge. The systems are designed for capacities of a maximum of 240 pigs per hour.

  • delivery
  • stunning
  • bleeding
  • scalding
  • dehairing
  • offals removal and splitting
  • processing/disassembly

Cattle slaughtering

Cattle slaughtering solutions tailored to your needs. High quality machines and facilities developed by our partners and tailored to your needs can be crucial for your competitive advantage, boasting a maximum capacity of 60 cattle per hour (higher capacity to be negotiated).

  • delivery
  • stunning
  • hanging up
  • bleeding
  • re-hanging
  • skinning
  • organ removal and splitting
  • offals removal platform (pneumatic)
  • carcass grading
  • processing/disjointing
  • cooling

Sheep slaughtering

Flexible systems for the slaughtering of sheep. Lamb and sheep slaughtering for capacities from 100 to 800 animals per hour. Entire Slaughter Process Line.

offals removal and splitting

Slaughterline Design & Construction

  • Slaughter line design and engineering services.
  • Slaughterhouse concepts
  • processing software
  • developing an environmentally friendly slaughterhouses