MAJA Flake Ice Technology: well-proven since more than 60 years!

MAJA Flake Ice Technology: well-proven since more than 60 years!

MAJA Flake Ice offers a lot of advantages.

Efficient refrigeration – ice temperature approx. -7°C
• Quick product cooling
• Slow melting – long freshness

Dry-frozen flake ice
• Dry surface, virtually no water from melting
• Easy storage, easy handling
• Attractive appearance

Light weight (density 0,42 kg/dm³)
• Up to 30 % lighter than other types of ice, thus less ice requirements for display filling and reduced costs for transportation.

Thin ice flakes (1 – 2 mm)
• Very good product covering
• Big surface, thus good heat exchange
• Little mechanical resistance, thus good mixing behaviour, no damage to the product and to the tools, such as mincer blades, dough hooks…

Reduced production costs
• High efficiency
• 100 % of the water becomes ice, therefore no waste of water.

High reliability – low maintenance
• Reduced operating and maintenance costs

• No additional efforts for water treatment, such as softening, filtration…


Ice temperature approx. -7°C
Ice flake thickness: approx. 1 – 2 mm
Density / specific weight: 0,42 kg / dm³


MAJA Flake Ice for versatile use

MAJA Flake Ice is in daily use all over the world for the economic refrigeration of various foodstuff, not only in the production process, but also for the attractive presentation for sale. Learn more about the most common application fields of MAJA Flake Ice.

Equipment & features

Meat processing

Production of boiled sausage products, for cooling down the emulsion during the mincer process.
Refrigeration of brine for ham production
Refrigeration of carcasses and slaughter byproducts, e.g. in poultry processing, skins and offal processing etc.

Baking industry

Dough production for baking and pastry products.
Refrigeration of the dough during kneading process for optimum processing conditions and better products

Refrigeration of fish and seafood

For the continuous refrigeration of fish
Directly after the catch onboard the fishing vessel
During storage and transport
In the sales channels

Refrigeration of fish and seafood

For the continuous refrigeration of fish – directly after the catch onboard the fishing vessel, during storage and transport, until the sales channels.


Refrigeration of foodstuff and drinks, eye-catcher for the appetising presentation of different food
For catering, hotels, restaurants, roadhouses, petrol stations, events…

Medical / therapeutical applications

Cryotherapy in human and veterinary medicine
For hospitals, rehab clinics, animal clinics, laboratories…

Refrigeration of vegetables

For freshly harvested vegetables, during transport and storage and also in sales

Production of MAJA Flake Ice

A deep-frozen metal cylinder, rotating in a water reservoir, guarantees constant ice quality. With each rotation, water freezes on the evaporation drum and then flakes off, leaving the machine as dry-frozen ice.

This system of ice production was developed by MAJA and has proven its reliability for six decades. It is simple, cost-saving and does not require special maintenance.

Developed and brought to perfection by MAJA!