MAJA flake ice machines

MAJA flake ice machines

Flake Ice Solutions for Premium Sausage Production

At Carnitec, we offer top-tier flake ice machines designed to enhance sausage production. Our MAJA flake ice machines ensure hygienic and sustainable ice production, perfectly suited for cooling sausage meat.


  • High-Quality Sausages: Flake ice is essential in producing premium cooked sausages, as it is mixed into the meat mass to maintain the desired low temperature. Our machines provide the perfect ice quality for this process.
  • Hygienic Ice Production: MAJA flake ice machines are HY-GEN protected, ensuring superior sanitary conditions. We use natural, eco-friendly refrigerants to help you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Decades of Experience: With over 70 years of expertise, our machines are known for their reliability and energy efficiency, making us the ideal partner for all your ice production needs.
  • Versatility: Our machines come in various versions to cater to different production requirements, with outputs ranging from 85 kg to 12,000 kg of ice in 24 hours.

Machine Versions:

  • MAJA-SAH: Compact flake ice machines with an integrated condensing unit.
  • MAJA-RVH-L / -LT: Split versions for separate installation of ice production and condensing units.
  • MAJA-RVH: Flake ice units for connection to a multicompressor circuit.
  • MAJA-RVH-CO2: Eco-friendly flake ice production using CO2 (R744) refrigerants.
  • MAJA-RVH-NH3: Eco-friendly flake ice production with ammonia (R717) refrigerants.
  • MAJA-RVH-F: Flake ice production for connection to a heat transfer medium circuit.

MAJA SAH-L Flake Ice Machine


  • Ozone Degermination: Ensures optimal hygiene for the inlet water supply.
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning (MAJA-SCS): Automates the cleaning process for time-saving and optimal hygiene.
  • Control Panels: Allow remote operation with programmable ice production and cleaning cycles.
  • External Water Pre-Heater: For low water/ambient temperatures between +2°C and +5°C.
  • Condensing Unit Versions: Available as air-cooled (L), water-cooled (W), heat transfer circuit cooled (WS), and fluid cooled (F).
  • Installation Accessories: Includes wall consoles, chute systems, and subframes.
  • Ice Storage and Transport Solutions: A variety of ice transport carts, silos, storage bins, and automatic ice batching systems.

Discover how our MAJA flake ice machines can improve your sausage production with their advanced features and sustainable design. Contact us today to learn more!