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niroflex premium protection. This is the promise that we give to all who place their trust in us. We are an innovation company with a long tradition in technical progress. We utilize our expertise and develop innovations to offer maximum protection and safety to the people working in our market segments. We work sustainably and cherish our role as a socially and ethically responsible company.

Range of services

niroflex Chainmail gloves

    • niroflex 2000
    • niroflex easyfit
    • niroflex fix
    • niroflex fm+


niroflex Chainmail boleros

niroflex Chainmail aprons

Cut resistant gloves


    • BlueCut pro
    • BlueCut lite
    • BlueCut lite x
    • WhiteCut x-treme
    • WhiteCutx-tend

Cold protection gloves

    • BlueCut ice
    • BlueTouch ice

ease – Glove tensioner

niroflex – PU aprons

niroflex RFID – integrated into the RFID systems offered by DICK.

    • niroflex RFID Chainmail gloves
    • niroflex RFID Chainmail aprons

niroflex DETECT – magnetic and detectable


  • niroflex DETECT Chainmail gloves
  • niroflex DETECT Chainmail aprons 

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