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GENEGLACE is a French company and the worldwide leader in flake ice machines manufacturing of as well as for storage, conveying and weighing systems.

With more than 40 models of ice machines (flake ice, liquid ice, granular ice) whose production varies between 200 kg and 40 tons per day, the Geneglace range is the broadest of the market.
Many associated products complement this range : silos, conveyors, complete ice systems…

Ice quality

The dry and sub-cooled GENEGLACE flake ice cushions and protects Fish or can be easily mixed in products that has to be cooled like dough. Flakes are  free of sharp corners or jagged edges, so it does not freeze, cut or damage fishes that customers want to preserve.

Unique design

All GENEGLACE flake ice makers benefits from the same advanced design which has built the GENEGLACE World reputation for reliability and efficiency in the most difficult usage conditions. From 500 Kg up to 50 tons-per-day, this is the broadest range available on the European market today.

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